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Today, if you were given 30 days to live, would your daily

thoughts, priorities & beliefs remain the same as yesterday?


In your last days of living, will it matter to you how much money you have?

How your business is doing or what your job title is?  Who's doing what on Facebook or what celebs broke up this week? Will it even matter when the next party is or if you're invited? What car you drive or the outfit you wear? Would it still be a priority to ensure you have the most current "toy" or gadget on the market?


A common saying goes: "He who dies with the most toys wins."  But in reality, he still dies & wins nothing at all.  I assure you this...when you die, all your money & “toys” cannot come with you. They'll be given away, thrown out or sold for less money than you paid to someone else who didn't have to work nearly as hard as you did for them.  


Relax...your position at work will be filled; the business, pop-culture, social media & world itself will keep on truckin’ just like it always has.


If it’s your “legacy” you’re worried about, that too will eventually fade away as life goes on.  How often do you sit back and reminisce on ol' Thomas Edison every time you flip on a light? neither.


"You'll never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul."

- Anonymous

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